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Church  Online


The world is more connected than ever—let's connect it with Christ.

Treasures from the Heart Church Online Platform affords anyone the ability to learn about Christ through online ministry. The Church Online Platform is more than a video player. It has the capability to create community with people around the world. Treasures from the Heart's church online is complete with video, live chat, note capability, social media, YouVersion integration and live prayer.

LIVE CHAT—Share life experience, answer questions, and encourage each other in the real-time chat sidebar. (We are not set up to do live chat at this time. If you are interested in helping with this aspect of Church Online, send us an email at admin@treasuresfromtheheart.org.) We hope to make this available in the future.

LIVE PRAYER—Supports people in prayer during any online event experience and receives requests for prayer between experiences. (We are not set up to do live prayer at this time but we can still receive prayer requests. You will see a place to send us your prayer requests at the bottom of the screen on our church online platform.) We hope to make this available in the future.

NOTES—Your church online attendees can take notes in the sidebar and then print or email them for later review.

SYNCED VIEWING—The power of the Church Online Platform is the unity of shared experience. Our services are 'simulated live,' and all viewers and chatters can watch a service with a synced starting time as anyone else, anywhere in the world. They can discuss the message or ask questions as the sermon is happening.  

TRANSLATIONS—Church online attendees can also chat in their native language with automatic, real-time chat translations. For example, if an Arabic speaking attendee chats they will receive responses seamlessly in his or her own language. Every major language group is reached with the Gospel of Christ—more than 70 languages are translated by this platform.

Invite Family and Friends

You can invite family and friends through the social media buttons and through the scheduled event times in the sidebar by clicking the Invite button. An email, which I have put together with the message information, will be sent to them. It's easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!