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Watch Out for Snakes


The word, crafty, in the above verse means: subtle, shrewd, sly and sensible. The word sensible is very intriguing to me because it denotes the devils ability to makes things appear to make sense. I believe strongly that the sensible side of his nature is our worst enemy! Think about it! If it makes sense, why would we not follow it? And that, my friends is where the rubber meets the road. If Satan can appeal to our reason, then he can gain a toehold in our thinking, and if he can gain a toehold, then he will gain a foothold. Next He gains a stronghold. What is a stronghold? A stronghold is a strong hold on you in any area that does not agree with God’s truth. One of the first things Satan does is to twist, ever so slightly, part of God’s truth. So it is an obvious deduction that we should take time to learn what God’s truth is in any given situation and not add our own reasoning to it.

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