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No Secondhand Rose & Companion Journal


To help evaluate where you are, ask yourself...

As you work through the questions in No Secondhand Rose, you will be able to record them in this Companion Workbook. Answer the ones that pertain to you as honestly as you can. Keep in mind that some of the questions may trigger emotions and/or flashbacks that you were not aware of. Also, some of the questions may remind you of someone you know that needs help. In this case, the book, No Secondhand Rose, could be useful as a great tool to not only bring understanding to someone else but to offer help or direct them to a professional.

As you pray before you begin, God will help you to identify any areas where you may need healing, guidance, and understanding. God desires you to be whole and He is ready with answers.

I pray that you will truly come to know that all things are possible with the God that created you. Book and Companion Workbook

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