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Forshia's Journey in Radio

You never know where God will lead you.

Youngest Ham Radio Operator

At the age of 10, Forshia Ross was the youngest ham radio operator in the State of Alaska. She was featured in the well known magazine, CQ, and received fan mail from all over the world. She built the transmitter you see in the picture. She did not know at the time that radio would be in her future to reach the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

WNRI Rhode Island

Because of their popularity, they have been broadcast from Nashville, TN to the continent of Europe, Africa, Israel, and the Middle East. Her five minute, bite-size programs are just enough to inspire you in your daily walk and introduce you to a God that loves to encourage you.

Interview introducing one of my Overcoming Depression Workshops to be held near Boston.

Conversations in Courage

An interview by life coach, Emily Bauman out of Cincinnati, OH

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