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You can be used by God

Spoken at a seminar in Washington, DC, In Clowning Around for Jesus, I share how God can use your most unusual talents to minister to people. Using my love for crafts, she shares one of her amazing stories of how one of her crafts saved a male pastor, yes, a male pastor, from stepping down from his ministry.

Yes, that's me in the picture!

I Love the Artistic Medium

     At the sewing machine since the age of 10, designing and

sewing Barbie Doll Clothes and working with all manner of

needlework, I have always loved the artistic medium. I designed and made my own clothes through school, not only out of necessity but because I loved it. I also sewed for others as a way of making money.

     Trying her hand in all kinds of art; from drawing, watercolors, and oils to bead work, pottery, woodwork, and leather, fabrics is my favorite choice of medium. I pursued a career as a fashion designer at Auburn University and the University of Oklahoma, but left to raise my children when I was introduced to the Lord.

     Never would I have known that that God would use these artistic and creative gifts to lead people to a knowledge of Him. But over the years He has indeed. God has given me a unique gift of revealing the truth of the Bible using crafts as corresponding illustrations.

     Always sensing inspiration when designing, I see God’s handiwork in my handiwork. As Jesus used visual examples to bring understanding and clarity to His teachings, so does Forshia.

     Creative, inspiring, and visual, she causes the complexities of Biblical truth to give you those ‘aha’ moments.

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