Healing. Renewing. Empowering. 

Unlocking the abundant life!

Healing the Heart. Renewing the Mind. Empowering the Spirit.

Look what the Lord CAN DO!

Come and hear and experience the CAN DO accomplishing power of God.

Each of us has been given the ability and might to accomplish the path laid out before us. God also knew the obstacles that were going to be placed in our path to discourage and even thwart His purposes. But no matter. He is not blindsided by all of this. 

As Forshia has been gifted to do, she will be able to help you pinpoint the landmines and traps that are in your way. When you leave you will be able to identify and create a plan to dismantle those obstacles.      

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$20.00 Includes Lunch ~ Click here to register and all info


Need Healing?

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Overcoming Depression

God Sees You

Let's Be Partners

In Him lie hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Colossians 2:3