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Life in a box, Forshia's Village Collection

Vintage Album Titles (29 CDs in complete set)

  • Won't You Have a Cup of Coffee with Me (6 CDs)

  • Door of Hope (6 CDs)

  • Your Taskmaster Shall Be Peace (6 CDs)

  • What are My Gifts, Lord? (2 CDs)

The Heart Line - 4 Volumes
Indepth teachings taken from Forshia's original newsletter called The Heart Line. Her sister, Sarita Gish, an award-winning artist, created Miss Annie Christian for the newsletter at that time which is shown on the front and corresponds to the teaching of each volume. 
Heart Line Titles:

  • Who, Me Angry?

  • Heal Our Lips, Lord!

  • Hidden Treasures

  • Reach for the Star

  • Grace to Obey

  • Don't Throw Out the Prophet with the Bathwater (2 CDs)

  • Pocketful of Miracles

  • The Power to Change

He has turned my mourning into dancing

Life in a Box

Forshia's Vintage Collection

Therefore every teacher of the law who has been instructed about the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old. Matthew 13:52
These foundational teachings were done in the early years of Forshia’s ministry. Even so, God’s Word is always living and active and able to change people’s lives. Much study, profound insight and many of Forshia’s personal stories of pain and joy are candidly shared. You will laugh, cry, and identify with her as you glean much from her desire to let God make a difference in your life through His Word. Life changing insights! Excellent foundational teachings for the new believer as well as the most learned!
~ Vintage ~
Vin•tage (vin’tij), n. 1. A year’s crop of grapes. 2. The wine from a certain crop of grapes: The finest vintages cost more than others.
3. The year in which a particular wine, especially one of outstanding quality, was produced. 
Rich old world patina makes this a beautiful gift for your library or a church. This is an investment into your spiritual life. (Flower vase not included.)
(29 CDs in complete set)

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