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My Prayer Cards

A three ring notebook with 12 prayer cards with extra blank prayer cards to write your own personal scripture prayers.
BONUS: Matching prayer pen.


Matching prayer pen

My Prayer Cards
Praying God's Heart by Praying His Word

I believe there is a principle that must be established in our relationship with God in order for positive changes to occur in our lives. This was one of the most important principles that I learned in my journey to health and wholeness. I had to learn to agree with what God said about me according to His word in the Bible. How can we possibly get better unless we learn to see that God’s views and ways are correct? After all, we’re always asking Him for help, aren’t we?
-----I began to do this by writing down personal prayers based on the changes that I needed and reading them out loud regularly. These prayers were based on the promises I found in the Word of God. I started reading them every day because I was so desperate. By praying these prayers out loud, I was retraining my thinking in accordance with His will. I was agreeing with God with my mouth and at the same time, my brain was hearing these powerful words. My thinking began to change and my emotions followed. It was an amazing thing! Something happened inside of me. It was like taking medicine only it was spiritual medicine.
-----I’ve made it easier for you by providing the enclosed prayer cards for you to read out loud. These prayers are based on God’s truth but you get to participate. It gives you something vitally important to do! What’s encouraging while you’re doing this is that you don’t have to necessarily feel that the words you are saying are true. It’s true anyway! God’s Word is truth. Just take your spiritual medicine. I’ve also enclosed several blank prayer cards for you to write your own prayers. You can also add notebook paper to create more scripture prayers or to enhance your prayer time by journaling.
Listen, why not agree with God. After all, we’re always asking Him for help, aren’t we?

Summoned by Name to Inherit True Riches

Summoned by Name to Inherit True Riches

This is a sample of one of 12 cards that are included in this beautifully designed notebook. This also makes a unique gift for someone who is just starting out in exploring prayer through God's Word.
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