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Invite Pastor Forshia Ross to Speak

Who Is Forshia Ross? 

Pastor Forshia Ross is a licensed and ordained minister and is the founder and director of Forshia Ross Ministries in Glendale, Rhode Island. She has a television and radio program, which gives practical Biblical insight for daily living. Her website has reached many believers around the world. 

Forshia was originally from Alabama and was born into a military family. She moved around a lot as her father was stationed in many places–even in Alaska. At an early age, God showed that her love for travel and public speaking would benefit her in the ministry.

She and her husband, Eric, have now made their home in Glendale, Rhode Island and are active members of Praise Tabernacle North in North Smithfield, RI. They have two children and seven grandchildren.

She served for 2 years as the Rhode Island State Prayer Coordinator for Aglow International and 2 years as Vice President of Leadership Development on the Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island Area Board. She now serves as their advisor. She is also the head of one of the Hollywood Prayer Network Chapters in Rhode Island.

Forshia has also been responsible for starting a dynamic prayer group called Deborah’s Army. Recently, she completed a course and was certified in Mental Health First Aid by the National Council for Behavioral Health, Mental Health First Aid USA.

Her two books No Secondhand Rose and The Wilderness Shall Blossom Like the Rose tell her stories of unabashed struggles with emotional and mental illness, physical infirmities, and years of past abuses that led to personal encounters with God. These encounters created in her a faith that enables her to impart hope to people that helps them believe in the impossible.

As a gifted teacher, Forshia has a strong ability to identify where you are and bring you where you need to be. As a dynamic speaker with a heart after God, she has a passion to see God’s redemptive plan played out in the lives of others. And because God has so graciously and powerfully healed Forshia from destructive patterns in her life, she imparts hope to the brokenhearted and stirs the hearts of the complacent.

You will be amazed how Forshia provides just the right keys to unlock the hindrances of the heart that have kept you from serving God with greater joy and purpose. Using her own experiences as a backdrop and the Word of God as a foundation, she will unfold the scriptures in such a way that you will definitely find strength to overcome the struggles of life with God’s help.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Forshia have a church?

We get this question quite often. Forshia and her husband Eric are members of Praise Tabernacle North in Smithfield, RI. She does pastor a Foursquare Community home church in Woonsocket, RI.

Can we talk to Forshia?

Please understand that Forshia's time is limited to fulfilling her speaking, writing, and ministering schedule. It is best to contact our office at 1.800.533.8854 for information, prayer, or requests for speaking engagements. We can also better serve you through our Contact form. We strive to be prompt in answering. She loves to receive correspondence through snail mail.

Write her at: Treasures from the Heart, P.O. Box 717, Glendale, Rhode Island 02826. Thank you for understanding.

Does Forshia have children?

Yes, she and her husband Eric have 2 children, Tiffany and Dax, and 7 grandchildren. Her daughter lives out of state and her son lives nearby.

How did Forshia wind up in Rhode Island?

Forshia's husband, Eric, is a retired Air Force Major. Stationed at Andrews AFB in Maryland in 1980 and later the Pentagon, they continued to live in the DC area until 1994 when her husband took a job in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. And, that, my friends, is how she got here. Forshia's father was an Army Master Sergeant, so she has lived many places throughout her lifetime.

What is Forshia's Biblical training?

Forshia received the Lord in 1978 and began to diligently seek God's guidance in her daily life through the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. She not only attended church faithfully but also attended Bible studies, especially Kay Arthur Bible studies. She found as she applied the principles of God's Word, her daily life began to change for the better.

In 1990 when the Lord led her to start a Bible study of her own in her home, she applied for a Biblical correspondence course from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA (700 Club). She is a continuous student of the Word, believing that the Holy Spirit is the greatest teacher and will use whom He chooses.

In 2007 she studied to receive her Minister's District License from the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. She now holds an International License with Foursquare, as well, and was ordained in 2011. Recently she completed a course and was certified in Mental Health First Aid given by the National Council for Behavioral Health, Mental Health First Aid USA.

What study resources does Forshia use?

The Bible, of course, in several translations and a couple of paraphrases: The New International Version, The Amplified, The King James Version, The Living Bible, and The Message. She consults others from time to time. Her most important tool other than the Bible is the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance.

She consults two commentaries: Commentary on the Whole Bible by Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown and the International Bible Commentary by F. F. Bruce. She also consults an International Dictionary of the Bible by J. D. Douglas and Merrill C. Tenney.

She finds gleaning from her older 1963 World Book dictionary more helpful than modern day dictionaries. She also finds the meanings more pure and often examples are listed using scripture. She encourages Bible students to purchase an older version of a regular dictionary to use in their studies; printed around or before 1960.

Humble Beginnings 

Forshia believes with all of her heart that this ministry began in the heart of God. Treasures from the Heart started as a Bible study at her Virginia home in the fall of 1990. She shared what she felt God was calling her to do with her pastor at Burke Community Church. With his support, she forged ahead with much fear and trembling.

She used to walk around her neighborhood, placing flyers in the mailboxes and inviting people who would want to know how Jesus could help them as He had helped her. And so they came! Every week, she would share how God had helped her through trusting in His Word. She encouraged them to do the same. One woman even brought her husband, and from there, the ministry grew!

Her teachings had a huge effect on the lives of her followers that soon after she recorded and released a tape of her teachings.

She believes God has led this ministry step-by-step to where it is today. She’s always amazed at how He continues to help her. Her desire to simply share how God can empower people to lead a more abundant life continues. She knows what He has done for her, and she wants others to experience this as well. 

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