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Finding Jesus in the Storm

A Kevin McAfee Film

Why would any person open themselves up to share their life, when pain was often integral to their own survival? DIVINE VISITATIONS will take you on a journey with real people who have faced crisis. This is a mature story filled with overcoming depression, loss, marital conflicts, rape, sexual abuse and so much more. There is only one answer this film points to, and that is a relationship filled with intimacy in God, through Christ. If you don't know God, you will be introduced to people who have a story filled with hope, when there was nothing left inside of them.

Please consider donating to Divine Visitations. A powerful collection of testimonies of God's intervention in the lives of some who have experienced trauma and redemption. We are ready to present this film to film festivals and we need your help. We are asking for your help to make this possible.


$10.00 - $10.00

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